Value added Services

In order to meet the contemporary needs of library user, the library is offering following value added services:

Merit Card for the University toppers, per student per class

Remote Access to e-Resources

Current Awareness Service through Group mail, Facebook and WhatsApp

Organizing orientation programs for better understanding of library systems and services

Single Access Point for All e-Resources

Referral Service through Resource Sharing & Consortium

Established Research Zone, exclusively for research scholars with good
research ambiance, functioning 24/7

Shodhganga – Open Repository for PhD Theses

Conducts annual book exhibition, regularly

Photocopy, scanning and print-out facilities available

Member in various institutional libraries

Informative Library Portal

Effective Department Coordination

Member in National Digital Library

Functioning on Saturday & Sundays in addition to all working days

Institutional Membership for resource sharing

Organizing LIS Programmes in Regular Intervals

Facility to Check Plagiarism


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