Inter Departmental Co-ordinators

The Central Library has the Library advisory committee for

·     Advising on funding needs necessary to efficiently provide the type and quality of services needed by the university community within the context of a research university environment.

·   Advising on general policies related to the quality/depth of collections, services, instruction program, and infrastructure, as well as on major new initiatives and assessment processes.

·         Participating in strategic visioning with corresponding bench-marking criteria.

·    Considering broad national issues pertinent to scholarly communication and open access, and communicating its perspectives, as appropriate, within and externally to the university.

·       Facilitating communication with and obtaining feedback from the university community on library collections, programs, services, infrastructure, and communication mechanisms

Ms.J. Bakyalakshmi             Library Asst/CSA

S.Vijayarani                       AP / Polymer

Ms. S.Bagirathi                  A P/ CSE

Ms. Sangeetha                   A P/ LS

Mr. S.V. Karthikeyan           A P/ AERO

Mr.V. Deepan                     A P/ AUTO

Ms.A. Ambika                     A P/ ECE

Dr. Revathi Purusothaman   Asso.Prof / Chemistry 

S. Padmavathy                  AP / MCA

S. Panboli                          Asso.Prof / CBS 

S. Mahalakshmi                  AP / Civil 

Y. Israel                           Library Asst / CBS 

A. Bernick Raj                   AP / Mathematics

M.P. Nageswari                  AP / EIE

H.Sofia                             AP / English

L. Shakkeera                     AP / IT

R. Agatha                          AP / EEE

L. Anna Gowsalya               AP / Mech


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